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Bird Feeders

A diverse mix of seeds will attract the greatest variety of birds. To avoid waste, offer different seeds in different feeders. Black oil sunflower seed appeals to the greatest number of birds. Offer sunflower seeds, nyjer (thistle) seeds, and peanuts in separate feeders. When using blends, choose mixtures containing sunflower seeds, millet, and cracked corn—the three most popular types of birdseed. Birds that are sunflower specialists will readily eat the sunflower seed and toss the millet and corn to the […]

Bird Photography

Bird photography is so much fun and challenging. Your have to develop new skills to capture shots like this, that’s what makes photography so interesting. It’s and endless journey and experience refunding satisfaction. Shooting small birds is totally different than shooting birds in flight. Your camera setting are also very important depending what type of bird your shooting. They don’t just pose like a model your have to anticipate their every movement. Bird photography does required additional gear in your […]